How to organize baby toys

Did you find more and more toys occupies your room, your kitchen and your living room?‚ One ‚ hint is not to keep‚ buying new toys.

I know babies always like to‚ play with new toys. They get tired of those toys after they play over‚ a certain period. So‚ what to do is put the old toys in your storage room,‚ if they play them less now, no need to put them in your living room,‚ Just‚ put some new toys your baby is still interested. After they don’t desire to play with them, grab some old toys (not all of them) back to replace the new playthings. Babies are forgettable, after a couple days, they will be happy to work with them once more.

Some toys are neat, but if your baby doesn’t know how to operate them until now, then just put in your storage room, lease them out after your infant grows up.

Throw away some toys if they drop some parts and not working probably, why do you desire to save them in any case?

Some small toys like blocks, put them on a playmate or blanket for baby to play, in case you miss one piece of them. If you have a bunch of balls, lay them in a container, don’t let them fall over the place, ‚ you don’t want your child to get tripped by a ball and this way your home looks less messed.


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